6-Figure Paychecks For Entrepreneurs

Are you working hard to grow your business but you're still not able to pay yourself?

Could be that profit vampires are not-so-silently running you - and your business - into the ground.  Profit vampires show up as:

  • Your high priced programs bore you to tears or leave you exhausted 
  • Your clients exhaust you or drain your energy
  • Your sales process feels like an uphill battle of convincing potential clients to work with you
  • Your offers excite you, but you can't get in front of the right audience
  • You’re more excited about the money than the mission of your business
  • Continual "investing in your business" with a flatlined ROI

Profit vampires look like they're making you money.  Hooray, you're getting clients! But they're secretly bleeding you dry.  Wasting your time on things that (a) don't make enough money and (b) don't excite you.

The secret trick to bring these vampires into daylight?  

Alignment, baby.  It's as simple as alignment.

One size does not fit all.  The time for cookie cutter "strategy" has passed.  It's time your business model and offers become as individual as you are.  It's time for .  

You deserve growth strategies that reflect your true genius, your personality, your innate working style.  It's time to create:

  • A business model that aligns with your goals, your timeline, and the other twenty things on your plate (when you're not working on your business).

  • Offers that light you up like a kid looking at their birthday cake.  I can't believe I get to do this!!  No more half-baked packages around things that you are good at (but don't excite you).

  • Clients that energize you, not exhaust you.  Because they've got what it takes to get results.  Because you've clearly defined who will get results.

  • Structured programs designed to get results, not just line your pockets (with a trail of disappointed clients behind you).  Because you've carefully structured your system to ensure results for the right client.

  • Finance & money strategies to take you to 6-Figure Paychecks as quickly as possible.

All wrapped up in your unwavering commitment to your own high standard of excellence.

And the business model is designed around you, your get-things-done strengths, and how YOU want to work with clients.  No cookie cutter, out-of-the-box solution will do.

That's why I created the 6-Figure Paycheck Intensive  

The 6 Figure Paycheck Intensive is for coaches, consultants, and experts who are ready to take home a 6 Figure Paycheck doing work that sets them on fire, without compromising their values or dulling their genius.

Using my proprietary framework, we'll

  • Clarify exactly what you want to create in your business AND how to use your true genius to create it (this step is often overlooked and explains why you haven't gotten results from your prior business-building investments)
  • Identify what's not in alignment in your business and create an easy plan to fix it
  • Revamp your offers and your ideal client profile to create offers that the right audience will crave
  • Create the business model and spending plan so you know exactly what to market (and when) to meet your money goals

After our time together, you'll have:

  • 2 to 3 offers that reflect your brilliance and vision as of NOW. They’ll be clearly structured and clearly priced.
  • The ideal business model for your genius and your goals.
  • A signature system that get results for your clients.
  • An ideal client profile for these new offers.
  • A Profit Playbook with action steps for 30 days so you can get out there and start enrolling clients in your new offers.

How it works:

  • You'll take some assessments to identify what's working and not working for you.
  • Kickoff session:  We'll prioritize what needs to be fixed first.
  • VIP session:  We’ll map out your signature system, offers, ideal clients, and ideal business model.  (4 hrs, via Skype)  
  • You’ll complete the Profit Playbook as you go.  This will become your bible/to-do list.
  • Accountability:  Sign up for 4 one-hour follow up calls so you can knock it out of the park within 60 days.
  • Q&A:  You'll get 4 15-minute laser sessions to keep you on track when you need it.

This is not for everybody. You must:

  • have some clarity about where your business is going (and where you don't want it to go).
  • have a package priced at $2,000 (or more) for a slice of your expertise.  
  • have already upleveled your beliefs, point of view, and confidence.
  • have demonstrated success either in business or life and are ready to make it happen AGAIN in their business.

Right After Working With Her On My Packages, My Mastermind Was Full Very Quickly.

Before working with the amazing Wendy, I was confused about my offers and how I would sell my packages to my clients.

She took the time to get me to connect to a tangible goal I had (buying a house) and from there we came up with great packages I could genuinely and passionately share with my tribe. I was instantly able to feel focused, guided and supported by a woman who had looked at my business model and added in her zone of genius. 

As a result, I'm more confident about my offers which resulted in another successful launch.

I would absolutely recommend Wendy. She invests herself fully in what she does.  She has some really smart ideas for anyone with a business and a desire to serve at their highest level. 

Danielle Dove, Founder of DanielleDove.com

I Became Profitable Within 60 Days Of Working With Wendy.  

Before working with Wendy, I'd made a lot of investments that hadn't yet paid off.  I was worried that I’d invest yet again without getting a fast ROI. 

Within 30 days of working with Wendy, I brought in $7,800 of revenue.  I've also cut annual spending in half, nearly doubled annual revenues, and am cutting myself a regular paycheck.  I also have 100% close rate for one month from a sales script she provided.

I’d recommend Wendy to entrepreneurs who want more freedom, flexibility and money out of their business.  I got these results from Wendy in the limited number of hours I have every week. It didn't take working harder or longer. All it took was a clear plan around making more money, curbing the spending and being smart about how I prioritized my time.   Wendy delivers in a supportive, judgment-free manner. 

Gayle Nowak, Founder of The Story Stylist.com