Hi, I'm Wendy.  

I was stunned when my second business didn’t take off. 

Prior, I had a long history of academic, professional and career success before starting my business.  I was even more stunned when the 6-figure paycheck I was expecting didn’t show up (so was my husband).  All this even after investing $48,624 with various experts in a “self-inflicted MBA from the school of Invest In Yourself.”

As a CPA, a Koble Fact Finder, and one who looks for the cause, not the symptom, I had to figure it out.  Why was success so easy for me before, and why it was so hard as an entrepreneur?  Why couldn't I get the ROI I was expecting?  As a CPA, shouldn't I have known better?

In the process, I discovered two things:

Discovery #1 - I figured out where I went off track, AND WHY.  It’s as simple (and as complicated) as

  1. taking the right actions in the right order FOR YOU (using your genius, your vision, your strengths) WITH
  2. somebody who understands the entire picture of your business, not just the sales or marketing piece.

Discovery #2 - Everybody - literally everybody - has made the same mistakes I did.  My take:  the online coaching industry - with its focus on sales, not profits - is in danger.  Focusing on Sales isn't realistic, it sets you up for MASSIVE disappointment almost immediately.

Result:  I've pulled it all together in a tidy framework.  It lets me quickly:

  1. identify what's not working in your business, and
  2. create a custom strategy to fix it, while
  3. increasing profits & paychecks and creating ease around cash flow.

(I'm a CPA, there is NO WAY I could give you a strategy that only boosted your top line without increasing profits or paychecks.)  




Career details:  I've worked at Ernst & Young, Citi, GE, and a regional tax firm.  My best accomplishments usually fixed ineffective processes or departments that directly impacted the bottom line.  I've managed teams, grown departments, trained hundreds of staff locally and abroad.

Education & certifications:  University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire (Bachelors of Business Administration), Bentley University (Masters of Science in Tax), CPA since 2001.

Entrepreneurial experience:  Business #1 is still going strong as a vacation rental property in beautiful Bar Harbor, Maine.  It was such a success (and so easy) I was shocked when business #2 (a bookkeeping business) didn't take off.  Both experiences have shaped the framework I use with my consulting clients, so I can quickly find and fix their challenges.

My strengths:  Kolbe Fact Finder (8-4-6-2), Strengthsfinder Top 5 - Relator, Learner, Analytical, Intellection, Futuristic.  These all show up for my clients a deep, insightful thinker who loves to find and fix challenges at the root level.