$892,000 profit road map

892,000 profit road map

Last weekend, I saw some very brave folks holding snakes at a local reptile exhibit.  Suddenly, to my core, I felt I needed to hold one.  I've never had a massive fear of snakes.  But I've always had a healthy respect for them.  

But this was no garden snake. This was a boa constrictor.  And it was around my neck.  For about 10 seconds.

If you're not deathly afraid, it only takes 10 seconds of courage to work up the nerve to hold a snake, then another 10 (or more) of actually having it draped over you.  Holding a snake isn't a huge time commitment.  Easy on.  Easy off.  (Hopefully!).

If you got really brave for 10 seconds, looked deep inside for the truth, how would you answer “What do you want your business to look like?”  

A VIP client of mine shared that she wanted to have a million dollar business.  She sounded a little surprised when she said it.  But she's got everything lined up – programs, marketing, presence, and more.  Moreover, she’d already highly accomplished in her field and very invested in her success.  She’s the real deal.  She just needs to flip the switch.

The problem?  She couldn’t figure out how to get there. 

You need a plan – a road map – to pull your dream from desire into actionable steps which create your reality.  What does the plan include?  Number of clients, your offers and price points, and where you should focus your time and your money for best results.  High-end group offers are a must to make this model work.

We mapped out her plan – customized to her specific lifestyle, income and impact goals.  By year 3, she’ll gross $892k.  In one year.  Next year’s plan is a more modest $262k.  It allows for her to ramp up her business in a few key areas (on a really limited timeline), adding other offers over time.  This fits her lifestyle and personal goals as well.

Life is too short to build a million-dollar business $250 at a time.  There’s a faster way create a big impact  – and the big income that goes with it – on your timeline.

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