Do you expect more?

Heard this week from clients:

Wendy, you’re an angel (to help her figure out why there’s an $83,000 discrepancy in her books.)

Wendy, because of you, I have more money, I get more out of my relationship with my kids.  I get more out of my relationship with my husband.  I get more for my clients.  (when I asked her if she thought I was a coach or a consultant).

Wendy, you’ve encouraged me today.  And you connected me to why and how I could build a $1M business.  And it’s totally doable! (from a corporate exec managing a budget just shy of $1B)

While flattered (ok, I’m beyond flattered), my dilemma continues.

Am I a coach?  A consultant?  A CPA?

And the truth is, I’m all of those.

I've evolved.  And I expect more from myself.

And I’m owning it. (phew, that feels great!)

I provide profit-savvy coaching and strategy.

For coaches who expect more.

More profit.

More ease.

More time.

No 6- or 7-figure hype.

No flash.

And for god’s sake no cookie cutter marketing programs that don’t honor where you are in your journey.

Just good-ol' straight-forward strategy that gets meaningful results.

(more money, more time, the two biggies)

We do it in a way that WORKS FOR YOU AND YOUR FAMILY.  

Your goals.

Your strengths.

Your custom strategy.

Because I know this about you.

You’re smart and you tasted success more than once.  You’ve already reach heights you never thought you’d experience.  In chapters you’d label career, family, life, travel.

And you're ready for more.

And your latest chapter is your business.  (Likely along with family and life too).

Does it need to make money? 

Goes without saying.  (But we’ll say it.  Your business needs to make money.)

But you've evolved.  You expect more.

Can you build your business (the profitable kind that pays you) more easily than you have been?


When your brilliance is packaged up in a way that serves you AND your clients, you become unstoppable at marketing and sales.  

Money and free time follow shortly after.

When you get clear on why you’re in business in the first place, you become unstoppable at defining and protecting your boundaries. 

Money and free time follow shortly after.

When you get clear on your strengths and why YOU are perfect for your high-paying clients, you command higher prices. 

Money and free time follow shortly after.

Because a clear offer, a clear connection to your why and understanding your strengths IS THE ONLY KEY.

These are the foundations of building a business that is more than a job or a paycheck.

These are the foundations of you building your business that is not only profitable but meaningful.

Highly profitable, actually.

And highly meaningful.

Because you expect both.

My work is based on alignment.  Profits.  Strategy.  Ease.  Peace of Mind.

I know because that’s what my clients say.


You’ve had training and masterminds and all of it.

And you’re ready for more.

You expect more.

Let’s do it. 


(want to find out how I can help?  Click here to apply for your Profit Clarity Consult).