Does your biz need a healthy diet?


Last Friday, I had the privilege of running a private 2014 profit planning meeting for a small group of local coaches.  This dynamic group of health and high performance coaching industries spent the day mapping out their year – marketing, money, and more. 

But for all the prep that I did to make this event a success, I was most worried about…   

The food.  

Catering to the various allergies and preferences of ultra-food-conscious folks felt a bit like a spin on Top Chef.  The intimidation factor was high.  For family members who have gluten issues, I strive for a 3 or 4-star gluten-free dining experience.  But amongst the healthiest of the foodies out there, I didn’t want my Profit Road Map to be voted off the island because the food was lackluster.

In a 6-hour workshop, you’ve got to refuel the tank.  Thankfully, Diana Pruzinsky, the health coach and hostess with the mostess, graciously offered to provide a healthy, allergy-friendly, palate-pleasing healthy option.

So many choices...

The conversation naturally turned to food, and the topic of allergies, food sensitivities and preferences came up (again – hard to avoid in a crowd of health fanatics).  Wheat free, grain-free, lots of fat, low fat, low-sugar, vegetarian, vegan… the sheer number of ways you can modify your diet for healthier living is often overwhelming.  
The right answer is that there is no “one size fits all.”  Different bodies process foods in different ways.  So, you need to make choices – what serves your health, what hurts it?  Wheat, meat, dairy, soy, raw, cooked, organic, grass-fed, I could go on…  

Thing is, you’re probably doing some of the right stuff already, you just need to do it more to be healthy, right?  (Says the woman who ate her way thru NYC, then Boston, then Wisconsin over 2 weeks of Christmas break – I’m eating a lot of spinach to get back on track… but I digress).

You know I’m going to compare this to your business, right?  I love metaphors, and food, and business, so buckle up.  Here goes…

It’s time to clean out the pantry that is all the “stuff” in your business!  Take stock.  What’s packing a profit punch for your business, making it run with ease and money?  What do you need to ditch like last year’s food fad?  

Core go-to ingredients for a healthy & profitable biz

These are things you go back to again and again.  You’ve got the awesome recipe, and the ingredients are always in your pantry.  You get rave reviews when you serve it up.  People are always talking about it.  Best of all, it’s stuff you’ve already got.  It’s 90% done.  You just need to start using it to make more money!

  • Content that can be repurposed into a course.  Combine it with a few coaching sessions and you have a brand new offering to market.  Maybe offer it at a different price point from your other offers, to work with other interested parties already in your sales funnel.
  • Same goes for blog posts – can they be repurposed into an information product like a book or e-book?  This is a great for selling from the stage whenever you host a party,  er, have an audience of ideal clients.
  • Videos, recordings, interviews.  If you’ve got healthy stuff that people need to solve their biggest problems, and you’re hiding it behind all the cheese puffs in the pantry, your clients can’t find you.  Get this stuff on your website.  Take your signature talk from live to online.  Watch your conversions increase as a result.
  • Keeping in touch with your network – Do you have a list of people who like you and your work?  Are you actively engaging them with a newsletter, social media posts, or your preferred strategy?  Or are you hiding?  If you’ve got the network, start working it.  Just like dumping processed foods to lose a few pounds, it only takes a few phone calls to take your biz from break even to profitable. 

To make more money quickly, don’t spend any more money or time on new learning, make sure you’re fully optimizing your go-to ingredients.

Unhealthy, yucky, profit-wasting stuff

Consider these the junk food that drains your energy, makes you feel bloated and wonder if you need bigger clothes.  You don’t need stretchy pants, you just need to make a few tweaks to get back on the profit train.  No shame here, we have all left money on the table because of these…  

  • Time wasters – too much time on social media, multi-tasking, spending 10 hours trying to work out the technical details for a launch, when a VA could do it in only a few hours.
  • Lack of boundaries – saying yes to every “hey, Suzie, can you do … for me, for free!” that comes your way is sure to distract you from your healthy, profitable biz goals.  Before saying yes, what can you give up to make room for this new responsibility?  How will saying yes impact your time for your biz or your family?
  • Unstructured scheduling – this is a classic time management struggle for so many.  Start batching your time – all marketing gets done on 1 day, 3 days for clients, 1 day for projects or learning, etc.  

Really assess if these nasties are present in your biz, and how you can change them over time.  Don't try to tackle it all at once, schedule your solutions over the next few weeks or months.

To jump start the profits of your biz, you need to start using what you’ve got and dumping what's not serving your bottom line.  

What's in your biz pantry that could make you more money with just a few tweaks?  What needs to be tossed?  Please share!