Grow Your Biz with Live Events

September is always a busy month for many businesses - back to school, back to work, full steam ahead to make your money goals for the rest of the year.  I'm sure yours is no exception.  "Back to work" for me meant an awesome networking and learning event - Alicia Forest's Online Business Building Workshop - in beautiful Portsmouth, New Hampshire.  Honestly, I signed up for this event in March, when my business was pretty new, at the advice of my coach, Jeannie Spiro.  Really, I had no idea what to expect.  

Well, now I know - Alicia is amazing, as is her content.  She has what I want.  A part time business, summers off, making awesome money, and making an awesome impact in the world.  Sorry, did I say awesome too much?  I was just that impressed.  I probably have another crush on a coach (does that ever happen to you?).

Wendy with Alicia Forest, OBBW 2013

Wendy with Alicia Forest, OBBW 2013

When you attend a live event like this, it’s best to go with a few goals.  Mine were:  a) amazing networking, b) learning content to implement to grow my biz, and c) learning content to share with my clients.  Luckily, I could check off all three!  Here are some golden nuggets I took home from this event:

  1. Know Your Numbers.  This is a no-brainer for me, but many of you are not convinced!  This isn't just knowing your financial numbers - which of course I totally recommend - but knowing how your marketing campaigns are going as well.  How many people signed up for your free call, how many listened in live, how many downloaded, etc.  When you know CURRENT numbers, you're in a position to change them.  If you don't know your numbers, you can't change them, much less change them the right way.
  2. It's never too late to learn.  There were some big-time Alicia fans there - some have attended for 4 years in a row!  Has the content changed that much over time?  Likely not.  But we're always at a different stage in our business every time we hear a message about growing our business.  Like how to successfully launch a program.  Or completing an exercise to get clarity around how you help your clients.  Maybe you've done these before, but this year your business is a different size, focus, or whatever.  The lesson here is about keeping an open mind that is willing to learn, then implement.
  3. Pick the right event for you.  This was an intimate crowd, only about 50 or so.  With a crowd that small, you have no choice to get comfy & cozy with each other.  Some referred to it as Summer Camp.  Now, I never went to Summer Camp, so I can't compare it.  But, the energy in such an intimate group was amazing.  You got a chance to really get to know almost everybody.  The support in the room was palpable.  As a result, the networking was even more amazing.  I get energized from small intimate gatherings, rather than a massive party, so this was just up my alley.  Pick the right size event, and your goals for attending will be much more achievable.  
  4. Fail fast, succeed faster.  Make decisions, make them quickly, implement, analyze the results, keep doing what's working, drop the rest.  Oh yes, do it quickly!  Don't hang onto a sinking ship, just let go.  Move onto your next brilliant idea.  Repeat.  Did I mention you should be quick about it?  Course correction in your business is only possible if you know your numbers (see the first bullet point).  


I hope to meet you at some live events in the coming months!