How to Make More Money with Less Effort



I'll admit it, I'm tired.  Make that exhausted.  Running a business is akin to having a newborn.  Up late, up early, meals on the run, sleepless nights.  Housekeeping?  What housekeeping....  Eat, sleep, shower, all the while thinking, "How can I nurture this business, so it grows up to be a money-making machine that I'm proud of and I don't have to work so hard at it?  Will it get easier?"  

My answer is yes, it will get easier.  And more profitable.  I’ve been putting my numbers chops to work, designing a system to help exhausted entrepreneurs like you - who are trying to run a business and a family - figure out a way to:  

  • Make the money you want 
  • In time you have
  • So you have time for family, friends, and self.

I came up with this system to help former corporate types (like me) keep the flexibility that they cherish in being an entrepreneur, while making some more money doing it.  Flexibility is key when you have a family, and I’d rather see you make your business work for you, rather than you work for somebody else.  

So what is this system called?

The anticipation is getting to you, isn’t it?

It’s the Profit Sweet Spot, and it’s designed to give you peace of mind so that you have both the time and money that you want. My free report, available here, has dozens of practical tips, thought provoking questions, and more, to help you identify your own profit sweet spot.  

Here’s the short and sweet version of Profit Sweet Spot.

1.  Purpose, Priorities, and Profit

You know that having a sick child at home will affect your business performance that day.  Likewise, pulling an all-nighter to get ready for a big launch will likely impact your parenting the next morning.  What happens in your business affects your family life, and what happens at home affects your business.   Let’s use that to your advantage.  When you link your money goals (profit) to your business (purpose) and how you use both to benefit everything else in your life (your priorities), you keep focused on profitable activities.  

Identifying and keeping your purpose, priorities, and profit front and center will help keep you focused when you’re struggling.  It will hold your hand when you have to do things that make you a bit uncomfortable, but things that are essential to grow your business.  

2.  Money Story

We all have certain emotions and preconceptions about money, learned at various points in life, from childhood to adulthood. You can bet these impressions impact you as an entrepreneur.  Do you charge what you’re worth?  Do you think money doesn’t grow on trees?  Do you think having or making too much money makes you a mean person?  

With the money story, we go into your perceptions about money and begin to write a new money story for you and your business.

3.  Start Where You Stand

Can’t figure out where to go in your business until you know where you are.  On a road trip, if your car is on page 45 of the map, but you think it’s on page 47, you’ve got trouble.  Until you determine where you are, you’ll have a very hard time getting to your destination on time, without getting lost or frazzled.

Same goes for your business.  Whether you love it or dread it, however you keep track of your money coming in and going out, it’s time to really look at your numbers. When you measure how your current efforts are paying off – in the form of money coming in the door, return on investments, etc – then you can make changes proactively.  Intentionally.  Changes that will grow your business, put your money in your pocket, and give you more time with your family.  

4.  Profit Toolbox

Now we’re getting to the really fun stuff.  It’s time to get profitably productive.  This isn’t about time management, it’s about profit management.  You’ve got two assets, your time and your money, and you need both to make a profit.  For your to-do list, it’s not about getting things done, it’s about getting the profitable things done (and getting support for the rest!).

You can’t make profit without time to create it, so we’ll fill your toolbox with the right time and money tools (particularly around pricing your services).  When you’re struggling, and we all do at some point or another, look to your toolbox to refocus on maximizing profit without spending more time than you need to.

5.  The Master Profit Plan

The finished product, your Master Profit Plan.  This is time, profit, marketing and cash flow plans.  We’ll map out how you need to spend your time, to make the money you want.  Have financial obligations like savings goals or credit card debt?  That’s where the cash flow plan comes in.  

Now you have a road map to follow, to take you from where you are to where you want to be.  Struggling to manage everyting?  Look to your plan to check your the highest profit-making priorities.  

Want to discover your Profit Sweet Spot?  Check out the full version in my free report, Discover Your Profit Sweet Spot:  5 Steps to Make More Money in Your Business and Have More Time for Your Priorities.   Sign up here.