It's hot in here!

Happy August!  

Can't believe summer is more than half over.  Many of you know that a slight change can yield drastic results for your business, right?  It's just a matter what type of change - for the good or for the bad...

In my world, a single degree has rocked my world this week. My kiddo has had a fever the last few days, so no daycare, and not enough time to get creative in the writing department...

I hope you've made a slight change in your business that has resulted in some positive vibes (good) or cash (great!). 

This week's post is a summary of notable entrepreneur articles in the last few weeks.  Hope you enjoy them! 


Everything I Need to Know About Business I Learned From Star Trek

I'm not a trekkie, but I know a few...  Why should you hire people smarter than you?  Find out here! 


Startup simplifies the sales process for entrepreneurs

I love that "just about anybody, including part-time salespeople and jack-of-all-trades  solopreneurs, to create in a matter of minutes one-page websites"


3 unspoken challenges of running a startup

Which of these challenges did you struggle with when you launched? 


Money-saving tips for cash-strapped entrepreneurs

My fave is ensuring best value (not cheapest) for the money you spend.


The Right Way to Build a To Do List

Hint:  To do list = Action Items