Quick Experiment (Full Body Yes)

Spring cleaning is in full swing at my home (and office).  Seeing less crap is revealing some ugly truths.  Truths like really hating the color of my hallway.  

I liked it for about a year.  

I've hated it for the next seven years.  

(Yikes!  What a toleration!  I had control, but did NOTHING about it.)

Normally I attack offending colors with a paint roller and be done with it.  

What held me back this time?  This hallway has a stairwell.  It’s complicated and possibly involves risk of injury or death (though hopefully not).

A quick google search showed how to not kill myself during this project. 

The project is a go.  Choose color from my fandeck (yeah, I have one).  Forgive self for tolerating it for so long.  Started edging (my favorite part!).

This weekend, nasty 1990s yellow was unceremoniously laid to rest under a soothing tone of jute.  (Benjamin Moore AF-80, if you simply must know.) 

Enter lightness, angelic choirs, and a visual treat of spaciousness and calm.

All that on my way to get coffee in the morning.  The day can’t help but start well.

Every time I walk by, I get all tingly.  “This beautiful hallway is really mine?  Pinch me!”

Making this change in my life is a FULL BODY YES.  (I know it's just a hallway, but hear me out.)

My home – where I choose to live and love with my family – finally reflects a little more of ME.

It’s more aligned with me and my vision for my home.

And it feels damn good.

Of course, there's a business lesson here...

Your homework, should you choose to accept it:

How can you bring more of YOU to your business (in under an hour)? 

It doesn’t have to be as drastic as new photos or website.  It could be a different writing style.  A new marketing approach that fits your natural strengths (I’m big on that).  A post/email/video that is edgier than normal. 

Don’t overthink this.

Pick something you can do in short order.  Treat it as an experiment.  A test.

Don’t think about why you shouldn’t do this (don’t wait 7 years to paint your hallway!).

Just create it.  Press publish.

If it’s something that ruffles feathers – and you can’t handle it – just delete the post.  (You’re in control, right?)

If it ruffles feathers – and it feels good – then keep doing it. 

Let me know what you tried and how it felt.

Doesn’t it feel amazing that the world didn’t end when you brought more of YOU into your business?

It’s all about aligning your actions with what you stand for… :)

All the best,


PS – Confused by this post?  “But Wendy, you’re a CPA, I come to you for money stuff.  This sounds like coaching.  What gives?  Who ARE you, anyway?”  Well, I’m bringing more of me to my business as well.  Yes, I know money.  But I also know how to peel back to the real issue why you’re not making the money you expected (Many entrepreneurs Kolbe Quick Starts.  I’m a Fact-Finder.  I’m like a dog digging up the yard to find the bone buried three years ago.  There’s no stopping me until I have all the answers to help you create the happy-money-making, aligned-business-building strategy of your dreams).  

PPS – wondering how I can help you build the business that’s a tingly, full body yes?  (We’re all about happy money over here.)  Just email wendy at wendysabin dot com to let me know what you’d like to change.  Then we can schedule a call.  And now I’m off to admire my hallway one more time… :)