The easiest way to sell more this month

The easiest way to sell more this month?

Do these in order, and watch your sales soar.

STEP 1 – Get clear on your Unstoppable Offer that’s aligned with you – your vision, strengths, and values

  • Your offers must light you up – you love the work and you can be yourself (you’re not doing work you hate). You’re passionate and authentic, and that magnetizes buyers to say YES.
  • Your work must get results for clients – when they do the work, they’ll get results (you’re helping them get results, not just after a quick sale). It increases your confidence in your work and your close rate. (It’s hard to feel “salesy” when you know your work gets results for the right type of clients.)
  • The offer must be clearly structured at a price you can say TODAY – Buyers feel your confidence when you’re clear during the “what’s in the box” and “how much” part of the conversation.
  • Have an upsell or downsell to your core offer. Options let clients choose A or B, rather than choose Yes or No.

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STEP 2 – Get clear on who’s a buyer

Your ideal client must fit the offer. They go hand in hand. Where are they on their transformational journey? What makes them ready to create change NOW? What do they need from you in order to get the change? Last year's ideal client isn't always a match for this year's Unstoppable offer. Make sure your ideal client catches up to you and your offers.

STEP 3 – Focus exclusively on finding leads for your Unstoppable Offer

STEP 4 – Did I say focus?

I mean FOCUS FOCUS FOCUS. Put on blinders to everything else except marketing to and finding leads for that specific offer. Every conversation. Every post. Every comment. Will be directed at finding people who are a good fit for your core offer.

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