Embarrassed because you don't have a better handle on your business finances?

Are you mortified that you - a multi-six-figure business owner - haven't delegated your bookkeeping already?  Even when you’ve probably preached delegation to your own clients?  Isn't it time to get some real help around your books so you have more time for the fun stuff, and more money for your financial goals?

Please stop beating up on yourself.  You have an amazing and profitable business, and you're ready to bring on financial expert.  Well, almost ready.  You're scared because your business is your baby.  You can't trust your baby with just anybody.  I get it.  And I'm here to help.

Part financial expert, part coach, I've helped people get comfortable and be empowered with their money since I was an entry-level tax preparer, over a decade ago.  A multi-millionaire investment banker (you wouldn't think he'd be nervous about taxes) even sent me a hand-written thank you note about how I helped take the pain out of tax time.  Since becoming a CPA in 2001, I've done tax returns, hedge fund tax, and corporate finance and accounting for a major corporation.  Throw in a love for international travel, a husband and a young kiddo, and I know what a full plate looks like too!

These days, it's small businesses who reap the benefits of my big-business experience.  Here's just a taste of what my clients receive:

  • Clarity around their business finances - it's not just about revenue, it's about profit!
  • Strategies to maximize their bang for their buck - or their time!
  • Perspective on how their business income affects their family income and lifestyle goals - from household spending to vacations to education or retirement savings goals.
  • Easy-to-understand explanations about all aspects of their business finances - so they get comfortable from balance sheet to cash flow to taxes and more.

Your business is booming.  I know you're probably ready for, but really nervous about, a strategic financial expert for your business.  Rest assured, I take my CPA status very seriously, so you can be assured of accuracy and confidentiality, from the initial consult to your financials. 

Business is great, but you still struggle...

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Your business has grown pretty quickly over the last few years, and it looks pretty polished and profitable on the outside.  But behind the scenes, things are hectic - beyond hectic, actually.  You're still juggling a business and a family, after all, and doing your own books falls to the back burner.  You know it's probably time to get help, but who can you trust?  Of course it takes time to find qualified and trustworthy support, so your books and budgets take a back seat to your CEO activities.   As a result, you don’t have current financials at hand.  It’s hard to make quick and strategic decisions about the best use of your money in your business or for your family.  

What you need

First of all, please give yourself credit for what you've accomplished.  You've grown an amazing business, and you've brought on team members to support you as you've grown.  Next, it's time to add a financial expert to your team.  What does that look like?   A financial expert will create a done-for-you financial package – all your numbers up-to-date and balanced.  You can continue to focus on all the fun stuff – selling and working with clients, and of course getting more time with your family.  For additional clarity, you need a trusted CFO to walk you through what all your numbers mean – for your business, for the tax man, and for your family.  You can plan when you can pay yourself, when you can invest, and more, while keeping an eye on cash flow and taxes too.  You need current information so that you can proactively make savvy decisions for your business and your life. 

Grace Brinton  (photo credit Jazz)

Grace Brinton (photo credit Jazz)

I have peace of mind

Before working with Wendy, I struggled with knowing how to look my income and expenses.

After working with Wendy, I am now able to take "snapshots" of my company and analyze the data.  Now I know how to compare one month to the next and last year to this year. 

I also have *PEACE OF MIND* knowing I am doing everything correctly. Priceless.

Done-For-You Financials

You need more time - for your business, for your family, for yourself.  You need accurate financial info so you can make timely, strategic decisions about your business.  You need things to be organized for tax time.  You'd like to focus on being the CEO of a profit machine. Doing your owns books has grown old, and you're ready to delegate the bookkeeping.   

I'll keep your accounts up-to-date and accurate, so you know where you're making money and where you're not.  I'll setup your accounts on QuickBooks Online, and you'll receive monthly financial statements.  We'll have a quarterly financial statement review session to make sure you understand the results.  

Not only will you be ready for tax time, you'll be ready to make quick, profit-based decisions, when opportunities come your way.  And of course, you'll have more time.

Monthly packages begin at $400/month + $750 setup fee

I know how to spend my time and how my decisions affect my bottom line

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Before working with Wendy, I struggled understanding the margins in my business. I wanted to make informed decisions about investing in coaching programs. I also needed to know what I was making on each client and whether or not I was charging enough. And each year at tax season, I struggled to pull together all of my expenses and provide them to my accountant in a timely manner. Since working with Wendy, I have a clear picture of where the money is coming from and going in my business. I am able to review my monthly and quarterly numbers and to take action based on what I see. I know what I should spend my time on and see how my decisions affect my bottom line. AND, passing my materials to my accountant will be a breeze. Wendy cares about helping me grow my business and adds insight around my monthly and quarterly results. If you want to become an informed CEO, I highly recommend hiring Wendy to support you.

Suzanne Tregenza Moore, Founder & CEO, TheImplementationStation.com

CFO Services

When you work from home - and have a family - every penny and every minute counts.  When you've got money goals, and lifestyle goals, any time away from your family needs to have a high return on investment.

Your business has a lot of moving pieces, and most of them create or cost money.  You need a trusted and qualified financial expert in your corner to help you answer questions like:

  • Is your business successfully funding your savings goals for your family - goals like retirement or college savings?  If not, what needs to change so you can meet your goals?
  • Are you considering investing in a high-end program - what's the return on investment?  
  • What's the payment plan for any debts you have?  
  • Do you know when (or how much) you can pay yourself?  
  • Do you understand the tax impact of your business on your family finances?  
  • Are you actually making enough money to fund your desired lifestyle?  
  • How much should you budget for income and expense next year?
  • What should you look for in a tax preparer

During your monthly executive session with me, your CFO, we'll go over ways to maximize your profit, maximize your time, get ready for taxes, and more. You also can pick my brain for ways to maximize your return on investment, your cash flow, or any other questions you have around money in your business.  In return, I'll run the numbers so you have extreme clarity around decisions impacting your bottom line and your time away from family. You have a sounding board for all types of finance questions in your business. (Just to be clear, this service does not include tax preparation or recommendations for investing in financial products like stocks, mutual funds, etc. It does include support, explanations and analysis around financial decisions you consider for your business).

Custom monthly packages begin at $500/month.

Combine Done For You Financials with CFO Services, save $100/month