Client Reviews

I’ll Easily Get Back $100k With What She Uncovered.

We did some work together and it blew my mind – she found the profit leaks in the business that I hadn’t even considered. One thing she revealed that was (painfully) eye-opening was the *true delivery cost* of running one of my programs.
— Elizabeth Purvis, CEO, and
I Became Profitable Within 60 Days Of Working With Wendy.

Before working with Wendy, I’d made a lot of investments that hadn’t yet paid off. I was worried that I’d invest yet again without getting a fast ROI.

Within 30 days of working with Wendy, I brought in $7,800 of revenue. I’ve also cut annual spending in half, nearly doubled annual revenues, and am cutting myself a regular paycheck. I also have 100% close rate for one month from a sales script she provided.

I’d recommend Wendy to entrepreneurs who want more freedom, flexibility and money out of their business. I got these results from Wendy in the limited number of hours I have every week. It didn’t take working harder or longer. All it took was a clear plan around making more money, curbing the spending and being smart about how I prioritized my time. Wendy delivers in a supportive, judgment-free manner.
— Gayle Nowak, Founder of The Story
Right After Working With Her On My Packages, My Mastermind Was Full Very Quickly.

Before working with the amazing Wendy, I was confused about my offers and how I would sell my packages to my clients.

She took the time to get me to connect to a tangible goal I had (buying a house) and from there we came up with great packages I could genuinely and passionately share with my tribe. I was instantly able to feel focused, guided and supported by a woman who had looked at my business model and added in her zone of genius.

As a result, I’m more confident about my offers which resulted in another successful launch.

I would absolutely recommend Wendy. She invests herself fully in what she does. She has some really smart ideas for anyone with a business and a desire to serve at their highest level.
— Danielle Dove, Founder of