I'm concerned about the coaching industry.  If you could label "----------" as polite as "concern."

Why "------"

As a CPA, I see the inner workings of businesses.  I see the $10K investment, that turned into $10k of revenue.  When 

I see the $20K investment with negative ROI.

I see the seductive marketing that has you thinking you only need an 8-week course to make millions in your business and then you'll be rich and happy.

And I'm calling it.  I'm calling it for what it is.  

It's baloney.  I'm fed up with it for me.  I'm fed up with it for you.

And I'm actually mad enough to do something about it.  

Common sense flies out the window.  Normal, reasonable people turn into money-hungry _____.

As coaches, you're getting it both ways.  You spend like crazy (and may or may not get results from working with your coach).  

and you attract clients who spend like crazy (and may or may not get results by working with YOU).

Let's take an example:  A coach sells a year long mastermind for $2k per month.  

For the coach...  She gets a $24K sale.  She provides her service as agreed.  Show up to the group calls, advise clients how to execute a handful of strategies.  Help clients create offers that will bring in about $2K per month.  Only a handful of clients needed to make bank AND work only a few hours a week.  Dreamy, right?

For the client....  She invests $24k.  Biggest investment to date for a business owner who's not at 6-figures.  She follows the advice she's given.  She does the work.  She creates the offer.  But she can't close sales.  Client has already upleveled her mindset.  Client has tools to work through fear.  Still not working.

What's wrong?

Coach sold a client she shouldn't have sold.  Coach should have only taken clients whose businesses were further along.  Coach thought she could help anybody who wanted more money and more time.  That's not the case.  Coach should have gone deeper on ideal client. Coach's ideal clients are actually extroverts, good at improv, or want-to-be-famous who are ALSO much further along in their business.  Coach should have gone deeper to design the offersCoach should have stuck to her guns about who she can really help.

Client made a hail Mary investment in her biz, sold on the vision of more money, more time, with a simpler business model.  She does the work, takes the big, imperfect actions, as directed.  Creates the high-end offers.  Still can't close sales.  But she's committed. She doubles down on executing the strategy.  Puts other marketing on hold.

What really happened here?  

  1. Coach had limited strategies to help her clients get results in a way that worked for them.  Wouldn't be a problem if coach was clear on who would actually get results.
  2. Coach didn't truly understand who would really benefit from a very specific strategy.  Thinking any strategy will apply to all people who want the same result?  It leaves clients hanging, and that in turn kills the coach's confidence.  It's a double-whammy, and no fun for either coach or client.
  3. Coach prioritized sales goals over commitment to client results.  Coach was an excellent saleswoman.  Coach sold a less-than-ideal-client for the strategies that coach was teaching.  

The client, of course, is not blameless in this scenario.

  1. Client was looking for a sure-fire way to make money.  Her rose-colored glasses were firmly in place that "this one thing" would turn the tide.  Newsflash:  there is no sure-fire anything.  Except death and taxes.
  2. Client gave her decision making power to her coach.  Her offers, her pricing, her business plan.  Client became the doer, Coach became the CEO. 
  3. Client prioritized sales goals over commitment to her values.  Client thought it didn't matter how you made money, as long as she made money.  

This story, of course, is personal.  I was the client.  With a coach I worked with a few years ago.  

If you're a coach who's been in business for a few years, you've likely experienced something similar as well.  As a client, for sure.  And possibly even as a coach.

And maybe you're secretly scared that you don't have the strategy chops to deliver on your promises to your business clients.  Maybe you're secretly terrified that you're a one-trick pony when it comes to creating a plan that will actually ---------------

Coaches have 2 toolboxes.  One to clear the blocks, the other to create the plan and help clients reach their goals.

In toolbox 1:  tools for mindset and shifting blocks.  You're likely an amazing coach, getting to the heart of the matter very quickly. Using all the tools in your box.  Your toolbox is overflowing with ways to help your clients transform.  That toolbox is all set.

Toolbox 2, on the other hand, is to help clients create the plan to reach their goals, while you hold them accountable.   This box generally has one or two strategies.  They usually include:  (a) ask past clients for referrals and  (b) "do exactly what I did to grow my business, I'm sure it will work for you too."

Can we pause for a dose of common sense for a minute?

Put on your coach hat.

The "do as I did" strategy to building a business.  The "this is how I ___________ (insert sexy outcome that will sell like hotcakes) and you can too."

I'm sorry, but as a coach, you can bust blocks until the cows come home ("I empower my clients to....").  You empower them to choose inspired, powerful thoughts, and expansive thinking.  You teach them how to choose their ideal life in a way that suits them.  You honor where they are, and you help them get where they want to go.  When it comes to mindset.

But as coaches, how do you help your clients choose how to grow their business in a way that honors where they are, where they want to go?  And more importantly, HOW they want to go.

How bonkers is that?  Have we turned off our brains, our power of thought and free will?  Have you been drinking the Kool-Aid long enough that you don't even realize you're serving it up?  

We expect individuality in almost every area of our lives.  Hair.  Clothes.  Parenting styles.  Home decor.  Cars.  Phone covers.  

But when it comes to growing your business, there's only one way to do it?    

Come on.

, so much, that we think just because 


To be clear, this is not a bitch session.  

This is an offer to join me in an experiment.  

By now, you can tell I'm pretty hot and bothered about the lack of strategy in the online coaching industry.  I'm mad enough to do something about it.

And I'm committed enough to my mission to do something about it.

It's time to bring some common sense strategy back to business building.

You likely know dozens of women who've invested - big money and small, with gurus or newcomers - and haven't gotten results from their investments.

And you likely know a few who've had phenomenol results from those investments.

Why do some make it and others don't?  Even when both groups are action takers?


You'll leave the retreat with:

You'll get clear about:

You'll get strategy around:



This retreat is not for everybody.  It's an intimate group of women with similar goals of making great money by doing work they love.  And these women are unwilling to compromise their values or dull their genius in order to make a buck or two.  Please read these carefully before applying to attend the Profits & Paychecks Retreat.

The retreat is NOT for you if:

The retreat could be for you if:

So who is Wendy...?

I'm Wendy.  And I am adamant about helping you custom-build your business around you and your profit goals.  Why?  As a CPA, I think in numbers.  Profit matters, big time.  But numbers and profit are only once piece of the puzzle.  I took my last corporate job out of convenience (great pay, close to home, so we could start a family).  Even though I knew I’d be miserable.  It was OK for a while, but then I got bored - really bored - with my work.  But we were trying to start a family, so I stayed.

Two years later, my husband and I bought a Maine vacation house (thank you, corporate paycheck!).  We planned to renovate it for weekly rentals. I was LIT UP!  I couldn’t believe I got to work my regular job PLUS get my vacation home ready to rent.  My love for the home and Maine fueled the long hours, thousands of decisions, and late nights. (This reno project also distracted me from freaking out over being pregnant too!)  Finally, I had a taste of intense fulfillment from my “work.”  I felt unstoppable.

Eventually, I quit corporate and launched my business as a bookkeeper.  I invested with various mentors and experts.  Honestly, I was baffled why I wasn’t getting results (like clients, cash and income).  I’d experienced so much success with my vacation rental, my career, and academics.  Hard work wasn't the problem for me.  What was the missing ingredient?

Being lit up, in love with my work.  Passion.  Alignment.  Fulfillment.  My business had none of them.  Bookkeeping didn't light me up the way my vacation home did.  That's when I figured out all the templates in the world couldn't help me build a business I wasn't in love with.  

That's why I help my clients grow their business in an aligned way.  Making more money and having more time (gah, it sounds so trite and overdone but it's TRUE). Creating offers that showcase your best work, not what buyers will buy.  Creating business models that play off your strengths, not going against your grain.  It's my deep belief that anything less is a disservice to you and those you serve.

Schedule & Time Commitment

This retreat is a private event, in my vacation home in Bar Harbor, Maine.  Plan on travel time to/from Bar Harbor.


  • Your Business Model Makeover.  Prior to this private consultation, you’ll take an assessment.  We’ll go over the results and how you can use to them to tweak your business model, your offers, and your ideal clients.  You’ll get clear on the strategies that work best for you.  You now have permission to say NO to any chatter/strategies/tactics that sound like a good idea but are completely out of alignment with you and your values.  We'll schedule this virtual meeting the week before the retreat.

  • Thinking time.  You’ll complete some intake information, to get your brain working prior to the retreat.  Introverts need thinking time, and we’re baking in some time for ideas to percolate, so you can hit the ground running at the retreat.

During the retreat


Travel Details


What's The Investment?

The Profits & Paychecks Retreat is $997.  

Having a clear business plan (rather than winging it) using strategies and offers that energize you (rather than exhaust you) means that you’ll be able to 5x to 10x your investment in a matter of a month.

Not to mention that almost everything else in your business will feel easier.  You’ll be focused on YOU, and staying in YOUR LANE.  No more rose-colored glasses that distract you shiny objects promising “if you know this ONE thing…. Your business will be transformed.”  BS blinders are firmly in place, keeping you on track with your plan.  You’re doubling down with the strategies that work for you, with your strengths.

The $997 investment includes:

  • 2 full days of retreat content & implementation
  • Private Business Model Makeover session with me (prior to the retreat)
  • Breakfast & lunch
  • Lodging at my vacation house (If I didn't own the house, this retreat would be at least $2K.)

Wendy, I want Higher Profits & Paychecks...  

How can I attend the retreat?

Just apply at www.wendysabin.com/applyforretreat.  

We'll setup a call in the next few days to see if it's a fit for both of us.

I can't wait to help you map out your 2016 in a way that you're confident you can execute it.