High-achieving mentors, consultants, thought leaders, experts:

Do you want results?  Or do you want aligned results?  

  • Are you a highly successful entrepreneur with an even bigger vision for your business?
  • Are you already making 6-figures, but still waiting for that elusive six-figure salary?
  • Are you craving a business model that will pay you and give you more family time?
  • Are you ready to have a big impact on your world?

I help entrepreneurs just like you, helping them grow their coaching and consulting businesses to be actually profitable - take it to the bank profitable - without dulling their genius or compromising their values.  

Who You Are:

You're wicked smart.  Super curious.  Likely introverted.  You've got high standards (and are disappointed when those in your corner don't share your standards).  You love creating innovative ways to solve problems or link random stories to create new ideas or solutions.  You're a life-long learner and who has already achieved success in your life:  promotions, advanced degrees, peer recognition in your field.  You're a thinker who loves exercising your brain with a new problem to solve, patterns to identify, or books to write.  You're smart enough to know that you're unique (as we all are) AND that business growth blueprints and templates can only take you so far.  You feel out-of-step with the "6-figure-blueprint" offered by many coaches or strategists.  Like Goldilocks, you've tried a lot of strategies, but you're still waiting for the one that feels "just right" to you.  

Your Challenges Right Now:

You'd rather spend your time on the fun stuff (like solving complex problems or creating programs) than focus on growing your business.  Many marketing programs haven't worked for you.  Maybe you didn't implement enough (it happens to all of us).  More likely, the strategy didn't align with your values, your natural thought process, or the way you naturally get things done.  You get bored easily and jump to the next project before you start making money with the first one.  Because your offers (which highlight your best work) don't make it to market, you leave a lot of money on the table.  Money that could fund your life while you tackle your next deep-thinking project.  Your curiosity and your attention span are a double-edged sword.  You're great at ideas, but packaging and monetizing them is either more complicated (or more boring) than you'd like.

What You Need Right Now:

You need to move out of thinking, and into monetizing your genius in an aligned way.  An aligned business model is your ideal framework to accomplish that.  Your aligned business model will give you the money you want, from doing work that excites and energizes you, while honoring your personal priorities.  You don't need another cookie cutter marketing program where you create "what will sell."  You need to create offers that excite you, for clients who value you and all of your unique genius..  You need to understand your strengths and clarify your values.  These are key foundations to designing your business model around YOU.  Then you create the ideal blend of clients or projects + group programs + info products.  Then the world can see (and purchase) your best work in a way that excites you, without compromising your values or dulling your genius.

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