breaking even (even with revenues of $250k, $500k, or even $1M?) 


You’re an exceptional person and business owner.  As a professional (consultant, expert, accountant, attorney), you’re a whip smart expert in your field.  You have a long history of success – in corporate and as an entrepreneur.  You’re PROUD of the business you’ve built.  Moreover, you’re proud of HOW you built it – committed to your own integrity and personal standards of excellence.  Your values are front & center in your business model.  

And yet...

Deep down, you feel like you’re on the edge, just one late payment away from falling off a financial cliff.


While monthly revenues are strong, profits are a lot lower than you’d like. 

Often, finding the cash to cover payroll or loan payments is a nail-biter. 

The books are either a mess or not up-to-date (likely both).  Either way, you don’t have good data to make good decisions for your business.  

(Honestly - even though you're brining in $50,000 or more a month - you have no idea when your bank balance will dip below your cash needs) 

But you're ready.  Your business has been built on excellence and integrity.  And now you're ready to put that attitude toward your business financials.  

How did this happen?  While you've been growing the top line (successfully, thank you very much), understanding your bottom line hasn't been important.  

Your business has reached a clunky, bloated stage.  You have many moving pieces disguised as valuable resources:  your team, your marketing methods, and various back office systems.  However, you’re likely over-paying for some “resources” that no longer serve your business or your bottom line.   You know things aren’t working, but you’re too close to know what.  And you’re overwhelmed by the thought of how to fix it. 

You’ve likely accumulated some debt to ride out the ups & downs, and paying it down is slower than you’d like.

While not obvious, you’re likely overspending on the little stuff.  Death by a thousand papercuts is eating up your profits.

To help smooth the ups & downs, you may take clients who are slow to pay.

The decisions that lead to this reality won't be the same decisions that get you out of it.

So, what's a savvy business owner to do?


Commit to improving profitability and strengthening cash flow.  Without this commitment, no amount of insight or strategy will influence your decisions.  You don’t need to master it, you just need to know what you need to know to make good decisions.



You're an exceptional person and business owner.  You're


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What you need


CFO Services give you More Time to Focus on Profit

Bringing a trusted and qualified CFO into your business gives you peace of mind that your money house has a solid foundation that serves you, your business, and your big why.  Of course you get done-for-you financials, but your biggest benefit is having a profit expert strategically looking at all angles of your business with an eye on saving you money and saving you time.  Beyond increasing your bottom line, time and money saved impacts your lifestyle, your relationships, and your big goals.

Here's a taste of what you'll receive, so you can make more, spend less, and get more time:

  • Up-to-date monthly financials that make timely and strategic decision making a breeze.
  • Customized ROI analysis that takes the guesswork out of “should I invest in…” 
  • Cash flow planning for payments to yourself, investments in your business, debt paydown, and of course, funding your big why.
  • Know what business tax issues impact you as they come up so you’re not surprised at tax time.
  • Financial analysis to answer questions like – can I pay myself more to meet my savings goal for my why?   No more shooting from the hip when it comes to money decisions.  

When you work from home - and have a family - every penny and every minute counts.  When you've got money goals, and lifestyle goals, any time away from your family needs to have a high return on investment.

How you'll make more, spend less, and get more time:

  • I'll prepare your monthly financial statements, setting up and maintaining your QuickBooks Online account to reflect all of your transactions.
  • In your monthly or quarterly executive session with me, we'll go over ways to maximize your profit, maximize your time, get ready for taxes, and more.  We'll review what worked, what didn't work, and what you'll do differently in the coming months.
  • As needed, you'll call for analysis around a specific financial decision you're considering - large investments, new joint ventures, taking on debt, tax planning, and more.
  • We'll have quarterly or semi-annual big-picture planning meetings, reviewing all areas of your business to maximize cash flow, return on investment and tax efficiency.
  • You also can pick my brain for ways to maximize your return on investment, your cash flow, or any other questions you have around money in your business.  In return, I'll run the numbers so you have extreme clarity around decisions impacting your bottom line and your time away from family. You have a sounding board for all types of finance questions in your business. 
  • Your monthly results and analysis will be documented for your ongoing use. 

CFO services are a good fit for service-based businesses which are established, successful, home-based and still growing.  The entrepreneur will likely favor a simpler, more profitable, business model, so that they can achieve their business goals while still having a life outside of work.  Businesses with product or large staff are not a good fit for this type of service.

Just to be clear, CFO services do not include tax preparation or recommendations for investing in financial products like stocks, mutual funds, etc.  CFO services do include support, explanations and analysis around financial decisions you consider for your business.


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