I’ll easily get back $100k with what she uncovered.

We did some work together and it blew my mind – she found the profit leaks in the business that I hadn’t even considered. One thing she revealed that was (painfully) eye-opening was the *true delivery cost* of running one of my programs. 

Elizabeth Purvis, CEO, GoddessBusinessSchool.com and ElizabethPurvis.com


I became profitable within 60 days of working with Wendy.  

Before working with Wendy, I'd made a lot of investments that hadn't yet paid off.  I was worried that I’d invest yet again without getting a fast ROI. 

Within 30 days of working with Wendy, I brought in $7,800 of revenue.  I've also cut annual spending in half, nearly doubled annual revenues, and am cutting myself a regular paycheck.  I also have 100% close rate for one month from a sales script she provided.

I’d recommend Wendy to entrepreneurs who want more freedom, flexibility and money out of their business.  I got these results from Wendy in the limited number of hours I have every week. It didn't take working harder or longer. All it took was a clear plan around making more money, curbing the spending and being smart about how I prioritized my time.   Wendy delivers in a supportive, judgment-free manner. 

Gayle Nowak, Founder of The Story Stylist.com

Right after working with her on my packages, my mastermind was full very quickly.

Before working with the amazing Wendy, I was confused about my offers and how I would sell my packages to my clients.

She took the time to get me to connect to a tangible goal I had (buying a house) and from there we came up with great packages I could genuinely and passionately share with my tribe. I was instantly able to feel focused, guided and supported by a woman who had looked at my business model and added in her zone of genius. 

As a result, I'm more confident about my offers which resulted in another successful launch.

I would absolutely recommend Wendy. She invests herself fully in what she does.  She has some really smart ideas for anyone with a business and a desire to serve at their highest level. 

Danielle Dove, Founder of DanielleDove.com

Lynne Klippel.jpg

I know precisely how to make my business grow next year... and it's easier than I expected.

I just completed my Business Income Forecast with Wendy Sabin.  Wow!  For the first time, I have a thorough understanding of my expenses and income cycles.  Instead of just hoping my business will grow, I know know exactly how to increase my profits significantly next year. 

If you need a guide to clarity with your business finances who won't make you feel stupid but will show you new opportunities, call Wendy now! 

Lynne Klippel, CEO, BusinessBuildingBooks.com

Wendy is a miracle worker.  I don't know how I would run my business without her.

Wendy helped put my mind at ease and organize a ton of financial information. Her big business background really helped.  

I feel more confident in our approach to business, in terms of profit-building.  She reduced my anxiety about numbers and math. In working with Wendy I realized I knew more than I gave myself credit for and I can stand tall as CEO of my business.

I’d recommend Wendy to any entrepreneur building a business.  

Tara Cousineau, PhD, CEO, BodiMojo, Inc.

Wendy sees what your business model needs to actually hit the big numbers.  

I came away with a big-picture, clear revenue strategy for my year.  Not only do I see the big picture, I also have the steps to get there. Without those smaller steps, you can easily fall into overwhelm. Instead, I have a strategy.   

Wendy's pragmatic and nonjudgmental style made it easy for me to relax and trust her expertise. She made me feel comfortable with the numbers and confident in my value. I now feel primed and ready for the next year.

I would recommend Wendy to anyone who is serious about making a lot more money in their business.

Heather Poduska, CEO, Clear Voice Branding

I have a step-by-step, well-reasoned plan to regularly increase my prices.

With Wendy, you instantly feel comfortable talking about money.  She quickly wraps her brain around your business to offer great financial and marketing advice for your product.  My confidence in my package and pricing has skyrocketed!  

I was reluctant to get money coaching because it makes me feel dumb.  Wendy reads what you need and gives it to you.  

The benefit of Wendy's system for evaluating my service was priceless (my clients will see the ripple impact too).  

I'd recommend Wendy to any number-phobe solopreneur who is ready to take control and be profitable.

Dina Eisenberg, JD, CEO, Dina Eisenberg.com

Catherine Storing cropped.jpg

I have a clear picture of how to structure and price my packages.  

I didn't think I needed a money talk. I struggled with pricing, not knowing how much money I was making in my packages and programs.  I thought my pricing was right, but had no data to back it up.  

Wendy's direct approach made it so easy to open up and talk to her.  After working with Wendy, I have a breakdown of how many clients I need to make my monthly and annual revenue goals. I reference that document all the time.  

I’d recommend Wendy to anyone looking for real feedback on pricing and packaging their programs.  

Catherine Storing, CEO, CatherineStoring.com