Ready To Up Your Strategy Game for your Coaching Clients?  

Just Imagine...

You have a roster of clients that you can't wait to work with, who think that you are amazing because they actually get the results you promised them.  You happily turn down clients that aren't a good fit for your programs, because you're committed to a standard of quality.  You work with clients in the way that harnesses your natural genius and abilities.  It's all packaged together in a way that fits you.

And on the money side, your business is profitable.  You are paying yourself regularly.  The money talks at home are easier than ever.

You proudly put your best work out into the world - not because it will sell, but because you are operating in your zone of genius.

Your business is actually serving you the way you always thought it could.  GIving you the income you want and the flexibility you want for your priorities.

Why?  How?  What happened?  

Simple math.  Subtract everything that's not serving you.  Add in everything that does fit you.

Good news - building the business you want is far easier than you think.

You're just missing a few key pieces of strategy

And because it fits YOU, you're able to work with the right clients, who will get results.  

You've subtracted everything from your business that doesn't fit.  

  • Offers that have you working in your zone of competence, not your zone of genius.
  • Year long client programs that drain you, when you'd rather do project based.
  • Doing video marketing when you'd rather write content, or using social media when you'd rather be speaking to a crowd
  • High-pressured sales tactics that feel slimy, because you don't even like what you're selling

To your business, you've added everything that fits you just right....  

  • Working with your best clients who are ready to get results, not beginners you have to convince.  
  • Marketing styles that are easy and natural for you, not tortured and effective.  
  • Packages that energize and excite you because you get to show off your best work (to the best clients), not just boost your checking account
  • Higher-priced packages because you're delivering on mindset and the custom strategy your clients need

Hooray!  Imagine you've got all that. But wait.  Your clients clients have it all too.  Because you're adding these things to your business.  You're also adding these things 

These are the people I want to work with:

  • You honor that you're different from everybody else on the planet,  and your journey is different from theirs too.  This view makes you qualified to help people who've traveled a similar path with similar assets.  It does not make you qualified to help people who want what you've created.
  • You are ready to stand firm in your values, your genius, and your talents.  They are your backbone.  You will not break them in order to make a buck or two.
  • You value your own reputation, expertise and standard of excellence more than making money, making sales, or getting clients.
  • You are committed to your clients getting results.  This includes:
    • You're willing to say Absolutely not, I can't help you, when you talk with somebody you know you can help, but they are not ready
    • You're committed to designing programs so that clients will get results on THEIR terms, not yours.  That means custom strategy based on what they bring to the table.
    • You're willing to let go of a client in the middle of their contract because you discover you're not the right coach for them.
    • You'd rather close your business than put out packages or products that you're not proud of.
    • You see your clients as unique individuals they are, not as a sales machine that must make a sales quota before they can feel good about themselves.
  • you're willing to dive deeper into what makes a good client a great client, so that you can attract great clients who will get results.
  • You value building a sustainable business that pays you and that's profitable
  • You value steak over the sizzle, substance over flashy promises
  • You define success how it means to you, at this season of your life.  Nobody's input matters but your own.
  • You're willing to put your money where your mouth is, investing to build a profitable business that doesn't compromise your values, dull your genius, or hang your clients out to dry.



Your clients get results from working with you.  Not just the mindset shifts you've been providing for years.  But you help them build systainable businesses that can pay them while they


In under 3 days, you can have your entire business plan for the rest of 2016 mapped out.  You'll know what to offer, what to charge, and who your ideal clients are. You'll know how much and when you can pay yourself.  You'll have an action plan, so you can build consistency into your money-making activities.  Moreover, you'll have a spending plan that will keep you on track with your profit goals.

We'll do it all in a way that's fun, so you're growing your business by using your strengths, sticking to your values, and not dulling your genius.  You will be so excited to execute your plan, because it's aligned with you every step of the way.

Let's Map it out together.  

You're looking at my personal invitation to you, to help you help your clients get better results.  You'll not only learn the framework, you'll apply it throughout the course of the program.  You'll get the strategy framework to use with your clients, you'll also use it  in the lab with the other Strategy School members.  We’ll create a plan that not only will pay you, but will be easy to implement.  Why easy?  Because a great business plan not only feeds your belly (the profits & paychecks) but it feeds your soul.  If you're not fulfilled or on fire to implement your plan, you've got wrong plan.  That's not how we play here.  

When smart, driven action-takers aren't paying themselves much for all the hours they're working, they're using Spaghetti Strategy (aka winging it) or the wrong strategy for them.  The truth is, you need to design your offers, your ideal clients, and your business model, focusing on profits and what lights you up.  Without both, you'll burnout (and likely overspend, which is always a fun conversation to have with your spouse...).    

The last four months of 2016 is not the time for winging it.  It's also not the time for offers and clients that don't light you up.  You've got too much at stake.

And, If you're like most business owners I know with kids, you've spent your summer squeezing your business between vacations, summer camp, and "Mom, where is my.../can you drive me..../I'm hungry...."

That’s why I created the Profits & Paychecks Retreat, in gorgeous Bar Harbor, Maine and Acadia National Park.  To give you the growth strategies that fit with your life, your goals, your strengths and genius.  All in a gorgeous setting, with lots of outside time to expand your thinking.  Amazing food, stunning views, a lot of laughs.  No kids, no distractions.  Not to mention the powerful energy of phenomenally rich people donating their land for a national park for all to enjoy.  (That legacy always gives me goosebumps...).  And you'll be staying at my vacation home too, so no hotel costs.  (Like the pictures on this page?  I took them all in Bar Harbor in the last few years...  It's a magnificent place for a retreat!)

There is only room to help 6 amazing women create the aligned strategy that lights you up while it pays for the bills, the fun stuff, and the big stuff.  Pure alignment.  No more winging it.  

If higher profits and paychecks for you are a top priority for the last four months of 2016, then I'd be honored to help.  

I can't wait to help you. :)


The Strategy School BETA Group: 

What you can expect




You'll leave the school with:

  • A business model makeover
  • Two or more amazing offers, priced & packaged
  • Plans for revenue, profits & paychecks
  • Ideal client profiles
  • Renewed love of your business

You'll get clear about:

  • Fitting your business into your life
  • Short money strategies that fit you
  • Which long money strategies are best for you
  • What makes your ideal client perfect to results from working with you.
  • What to let go of to stay true to stay aligned & true to your strengths.

You'll get strategy around:

  • Spending for maximum ROI (and making your life easier)
  • Saying no to anything that's not serving your business growth
  • Bringing your genius work forward in the world
  • Staying in your lane as you grow your business at your own pace

You’ll get everything you need

To add Strategy & ROI to your Business

  • A private 60-minute Business Model Makeover.  I will work with you to help you discover your ideal business model.  One that will pay you and play off your strengths.  You will nail your business model.  You know exactly what WILL work, and what won’t work, to grow your biz so that it’s profitable and pays you!  This piece is ESSENTIAL to creating a business that aligns with YOU.  (Wondering why your actions haven't resulted in cash?  This session will answer that question and more.)


The Strategy School BETA group is NOT for everybody.  It's an small group of smart business coaches or consultants who are committed to serving their clients at a higher level.  And these women are unwilling to compromise their values or dull their genius in order to make a buck or two.  Please read these carefully before applying to attend The Strategy School.

The retreat is NOT for you if:

  • You define "uplevel" as creating a large live event or crafting your $50k offer
  • You’re a drama queen or prima donna
  • You care about sales more than making sure potential clients fit your offers
  • You don’t care about people or putting your best work out there
  • You’re looking for inspiration or motivation but no strategy
  • Epic, Badass, Bossbabe are part of your daily vocabulary
  • You don’t have an offer priced at least $1,000


The Strategy School could be for you if:

  • You're a smart, driven B2B consultant or coach with a $1k (or more) offer
  • You define “uplevel” as doing your best work into the world
  • You want to work your strengths while you grow your biz and , tune out the non-aligned marketing chatter, and stay in your lane as you make money
  • You value your clients and their results, not their deep pockets
  • You’ve done some inner work, have had marketing training, and are ready for your profits and paychecks to catch up
  • You are not only passionate, but smart
  • You’ve got an innovative side, with a point of view that others might consider an outlier in your industry

So who is Wendy...?

I'm Wendy.  And I am adamant about helping you custom-build your business around you and your profit goals.  Why?  As a CPA, I think in numbers.  Profit matters, big time.  But numbers and profit are only once piece of the puzzle.  I took my last corporate job out of convenience (great pay, close to home, so we could start a family).  Even though I knew I’d be miserable.  It was OK for a while, but then I got bored - really bored - with my work.  But we were trying to start a family, so I stayed.

Two years later, my husband and I bought a Maine vacation house (thank you, corporate paycheck!).  We planned to renovate it for weekly rentals. I was LIT UP!  I couldn’t believe I got to work my regular job PLUS get my vacation home ready to rent.  My love for the home and Maine fueled the long hours, thousands of decisions, and late nights. (This reno project also distracted me from freaking out over being pregnant too!)  Finally, I had a taste of intense fulfillment from my “work.”  I felt unstoppable.

Eventually, I quit corporate and launched my business as a bookkeeper.  I invested with various mentors and experts.  Honestly, I was baffled why I wasn’t getting results (like clients, cash and income).  I’d experienced so much success with my vacation rental, my career, and academics.  Hard work wasn't the problem for me.  What was the missing ingredient?

Being lit up, in love with my work.  Passion.  Alignment.  Fulfillment.  My business had none of them.  Bookkeeping didn't light me up the way my vacation home did.  That's when I figured out all the templates in the world couldn't help me build a business I wasn't in love with.  

That's why I help my clients grow their business in an aligned way.  Making more money and having more time (gah, it sounds so trite and overdone but it's TRUE). Creating offers that showcase your best work, not what buyers will buy.  Creating business models that play off your strengths, not going against your grain.  It's my deep belief that anything less is a disservice to you and those you serve.

Schedule & Time Commitment

This retreat is a private event, in my vacation home in Bar Harbor, Maine.  Plan on travel time to/from Bar Harbor.


  • Your Business Model Makeover.  Prior to this private consultation, you’ll take an assessment.  We’ll go over the results and how you can use to them to tweak your business model, your offers, and your ideal clients.  You’ll get clear on the strategies that work best for you.  You now have permission to say NO to any chatter/strategies/tactics that sound like a good idea but are completely out of alignment with you and your values.  We'll schedule this virtual meeting the week before the retreat.

  • Thinking time.  You’ll complete some intake information, to get your brain working prior to the retreat.  Introverts need thinking time, and we’re baking in some time for ideas to percolate, so you can hit the ground running at the retreat.

During the retreat

  • Retreat dates:  August 28 (12 PM) through August 30 (2 PM).
  • Day 1 - we’ll go over your goals (biz, life, money), what’s been holding you back, and what you need to let go of.
  • Day 2 - we’ll create your offers & ideal client profile & big picture marketing plan, revenue plan & spending plan.
  • Day 3 - we’ll pull it together.  Create the revenue plan, spending plan, and put it all in the Profit Playbook.  We’ll also create your weekly action plan, to keep you on track.  That is your go-to guide for the next 4 months.  

Meals will be at the house and in Bar Harbor.  Breakfast & lunch will be provided.  Dinner and evening entertainment (sunset cruise anyone??) are at your own expense.

Each day, we will have time to be in nature - either the woods, the ocean, the mountains, the lakes (yes, Acadia National Park has them all!) for thinking time, connecting time, download time.  And of course, we'll be making decisions & mapping it all out too. :)

Travel Details


Bar Harbor is about 5 hours drive from Boston, or 90 minutes from Bangor, Maine airport.  The home has 6 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms.  While it’s not rustic, it’s not a 5,000 square foot “cottage” with servants.  While it’s Bar Harbor, Mount Desert Island has limited cell service.  There is no cell reception at the home (land line & wifi are fully available).  You can read more about the home, Bar Harbor, and Acadia National Park here (

Bedrooms (all 6 of them) are first come, first served.  Some have twin beds, some have queen beds.  


I heard that “casual” is a level of sophistication, not a “style.”  With that in mind, dress the casual end of your brand.  You’ll be in photos, but you’ll also be in sneakers on a hike or flip flops at the beach.  August could be muggy & buggy, but the nights are cool.  Bring layers, sunscreen, hat, sunglasses, bug spray.  As I’m presenting in my own home (so excited about this), it’s likely I’ll be in a dress but barefoot :)

What's The Investment?

The Profits & Paychecks Retreat is $997.  

Having a clear business plan (rather than winging it) using strategies and offers that energize you (rather than exhaust you) means that you’ll be able to 5x to 10x your investment in a matter of a month.

Not to mention that almost everything else in your business will feel easier.  You’ll be focused on YOU, and staying in YOUR LANE.  No more rose-colored glasses that distract you shiny objects promising “if you know this ONE thing…. Your business will be transformed.”  BS blinders are firmly in place, keeping you on track with your plan.  You’re doubling down with the strategies that work for you, with your strengths.

The $997 investment includes:

  • 2 full days of retreat content & implementation
  • Private Business Model Makeover session with me (prior to the retreat)
  • Breakfast & lunch
  • Lodging at my vacation house (If I didn't own the house, this retreat would be at least $2K.)

Wendy, I want Higher Profits & Paychecks...  

How can I attend the retreat?

Just apply at  

We'll setup a call in the next few days to see if it's a fit for both of us.

I can't wait to help you map out your 2016 in a way that you're confident you can execute it.